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Washington County Sheriff's Office (NY) Online Incident Reporting

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  2. Welcome to the Washington County Sheriff's Office (NY) Online Incident Reporting system. This system allows you to submit a report about an incident that has occurred within a Washington County (NY) township.
  3. Out of an abundance of caution and to help mitigate and reduce any unnecessary exposure and spread of COVID-19, The Sheriff's Office asks that the public report applicable non-emergency incidents using the online reporting system. Deputies continue to proactively patrol the County and respond to in-progress crimes and emergency calls where there is an immediate threat to life, health or property.
  4. Note: If an incident occurred within the Villages of Fort Edward, Hudson Falls, Cambridge, Greenwich, Granville or Whitehall, they all have their own Police Departments and incidents should be reported through those agencies.
  5. Please confirm the following to find out if filing a report online is right for you:
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  7. Previous Report
    Has this incident previously been reported to the Washington County Sheriff's Office or any other agency?
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  9. Location
    Did the incident you are reporting happen within Washington County, New York?
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  11. Type of Phone #
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  14. Note:
    If you have items to submit as part of your case, a Deputy will send you a secure link where these items will be submitted directly as evidence.
  15. Question:
    What should I do if online incident reporting is not right for me?
  16. Answer
    Answer: If your incident is an emergency, call 911. If non-emergency call and does not meet the online reporting requirements call our dispatch at 518-747-4623.
  17. Question:
    My incident was within a Washington County Village that has their own police Department, how do I report an incident to them?
  18. Answer:
    Emergency - 911
  19. Cambridge / Greenwich Police
    518-677-3044 or 518-692-9332
  20. Fort Edward Police
  21. Granville Police
  22. Hudson Falls Police
  23. Whitehall Police
  24. What's next?
    Upon submitting your report, it will be reviewed by the Duty Sergeant and assigned to a Deputy. The Deputy will contact you to confirm the report, assign a case number and gather any additional information needed.
  25. Please Note
    All incidents filed using the Washington County Sheriff's Office (NY) Online Incident Reporting system will be reviewed.
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