How can I safely remove a tick?
If you do find a tick attached to your skin, do not panic. Not all ticks are infected, and your risk of Lyme disease is greatly reduced if the tick is removed within the 1st 36 hours

To remove a tick:
  1. Use a pair of pointed tweezers to grasp the tick by the head or mouth parts right where they enter the skin. Do not grasp the tick by the body.
  2. Pull firmly and steadily outward. Do not jerk or twist the tick.
  3. Place the tick in a small container of rubbing alcohol to kill it.
  4. Clean the bite wound with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Monitor the site of the bite for the next 30 days, for the appearance of a rash. If you develop a rash or flu-like symptoms, contact your health care provider immediately.

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