What Constitutes Educational Neglect?
There are three elements necessary for acceptance of a report of educational neglect based on
absenteeism, as identified in guidance established at the Statewide Central Register for Child
Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR)
1. Excessive absence from school by the child. Confirmation that the absences are unexcused
is an issue for the CPS investigation and a decision on this issue is not required at the point of
making a report. However, any information the school has as to whether the absences are
excused or unexcused should be provided to the SCR AND
2. Reasonable cause to suspect that the parent is aware or should have been aware of the
excessive absenteeism and that the parent has contributed to the problem or is failing to take
steps to effectively address the problem (in other words, failure to provide a minimum degree of
care) AND
3. Reasonable cause to suspect educational impairment or harm to the child or imminent
danger of such impairment or harm.

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