If I have no place to stay, what do I do?
You should ask friends and relatives if you can stay with them temporarily. If you are unable to find someone to stay with then you should come into the agency to apply for temporary housing.

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1. How do I apply for Temporary Assistance?
2. What are the income guidelines for Temporary Assistance?
3. Do I have to come into the office to apply?
4. What documentation will I be asked to submit?
5. Once I apply, when will I receive my benefits?
6. If I am living in a county other than Washington County and am seeking help to move to Washington County can I apply in Washington County?
7. My landlord is threatening to evict me as I have been unable to pay my rent- what do I do?
8. I am behind in my rent and am unable to pay. Do I have to have a court ordered eviction in order to receive help with the arrears?
9. If I have no place to stay, what do I do?
10. My electricity is going to be turned off for non-payment- what do I do?
11. I am a non-parent caregiver for a child in my home. What services are available to me and the child?