What are the income guidelines for Temporary Assistance?
You can find the current income eligibility guidelines by going to www.mybenefits.ny.gov.www.mybenefits.ny.gov

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1. How do I apply for Temporary Assistance?
2. What are the income guidelines for Temporary Assistance?
3. Do I have to come into the office to apply?
4. What documentation will I be asked to submit?
5. Once I apply, when will I receive my benefits?
6. If I am living in a county other than Washington County and am seeking help to move to Washington County can I apply in Washington County?
7. My landlord is threatening to evict me as I have been unable to pay my rent- what do I do?
8. I am behind in my rent and am unable to pay. Do I have to have a court ordered eviction in order to receive help with the arrears?
9. If I have no place to stay, what do I do?
10. My electricity is going to be turned off for non-payment- what do I do?
11. I am a non-parent caregiver for a child in my home. What services are available to me and the child?