When do I have to report a change?
There are two types of reporting requirements, simplified reporting and 10 day reporting. If you qualify for Simplified Reporting you would report changes with your Periodic Report Form or at Recertification. If you have an increase in income and your household exceeds the 130% poverty level you would report that change by the 10th day of the month following the month of change even if you meet the guidelines for simplified reporting. 10 day reporting households must report all household changes by the 10 day of the month following the month of change. 10 day reporting households include households with no income, households certified for less than 4 months, group home residents in receipt of SSI or SSD, households in which all adult members are aged/disabled with no earned income, migrant or seasonal farmers and homeless households. If you do not meet one of the criteria for a 10 day reporting household you are Simplified Reporting household.

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