Civil Accreditation

Peter Kehoe , Executive director of the NYS Sheriffs’ Association recognized Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division Friday, January 15, 2016 in front of the Washington County Board of Supervisors.

The Sheriff’s Office Civil Division recently earned accreditation after a full inspection of the Division’s operational procedures and policies in direct correlation with 121 professional standards set forth by the NYS Sheriff’s Association. 

The assessment team is comprised of law enforcement officers from departments around New York State who unanimously recommended to the New York State Sheriff’s Association’s accreditation committee that the Division was in full compliance of all the professional standards and was granted accreditation.


Photo left to right Civil Clerk Gwen Roberts, Executive Director of the NYS Sheriffs' Association Peter Kehoe, Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy, Sr. Civil Clerk Lisa Williams and Secretary to the Sheriff Ashley Batchelder.

Peter Kehoe-web

Mr. Kehoe told Washington County Supervisors that only 27 out of the state’s 62 Sheriff's Offices' qualified for civil accreditation adding that Washington County is now one of them.

During the presentation, Executive Director Kehoe presented a plaque and praised the Sheriff as well as members of the Civil Division who were instrumental in the achievement.

“Both of these accomplishments are a great testament to Sheriff Murphy and the entire staff of the sheriff’s office. It shows their pursuit of dedication in their profession,” he said. “You have an outstanding sheriff’s office and it is well-respected throughout the state. “ Mr. Kehoe said.

“To achieve accreditation, requires that the Civil Office meets a very strict set of standards set by experts in the field of civil process,” he continued. “These standards currently have 121 individual components and to gain accreditation, a civil office must submit itself to scrutiny by an outside board of officers, which reviews the agency’s operation in detail to ascertain whether the agency meets the demanding standards.”

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office’s Civil Division “meets or exceeds every one of those standards,” Kehoe said.

“Those who work in the Civil Division are, in my mind, the unsung heroes of our justice system. Everyone is pretty much aware of the work the sheriff’s Patrol Division does enforcing criminal laws. But few understand the work of the sheriff’s Civil Division. They are the strong right arm of our Civil Court System, facilitating and enforcing the mandates and orders of the Civil Court,” Kehoe said.

The work these deputies do is just as important and just as dangerous as the work done in the Patrol Division, he pointed out.

“Too many people, unhappy with a court judgment against them try to take it out on the civil deputy who is just trying to do his or her job,” he said. “Civil deputies, as well as our criminal law enforcement deputies all deserve our respect and our thanks for the tough job that they do for us.”

Sheriff Murphy praised Sgt. Chris Worthington, Sr. Civil Clerk Lisa Williams and Civil Clerk Gwen Roberts for their efforts and dedication that was instrumental in earning the distinction.