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NY Connects is a locally based "No wrong door" system that provides one stop access to free, objective, comprehensive information and assistance for people of all ages needing long term services and supports.

Washington County Office for Aging and Disabilities Resource Center (ADRC) is a collaborative effort between the department of Social Services and the Office for Aging, providing unbiased information and access to home and community based services for aging and disabled populations under the NY Connects Program.
Disabling Conditions may be attributed to:
             Physical Health Needs
             Behavioral Health Needs (Mental Health and
                    Substance use disorders)
              Intellectual / Developmental Disorders (ID/DD)


Information & Assistance of a Full Range of Long Term Care Services and Supports

Medical and non-medical services provided over a long period of time that help to maintain or improve daily functioning and health. Through a standardized comprehensive screening process, local NY Connects Information and Assistance Specialist provide personalized counseling to help consumers make informed decisions. They can assist in accessing available long-term services and support options to meet existing or future long-term services and support needs. Services may be provided at home, in community-based settings, or residential settings such as Assisted living Residents, or in nursing homes.  People in need of long term services and supports can include older adults, children and adults with disabilities.

Streamlined Eligibility screening for Public Benefits Access

Your Single Point of Entry for consumers attempting to navigate the complexities of the Long Term Care system

Caregiver Supports

Information and assistance about services and supports available to caregivers to meet identified needs and assist in making informed decisions.

Evidenced Based Health and Wellness Interventions

As a result of rigorous research and clinical trials, there are evidenced based programs proven to effectively improve the health of older adults.
NY Connects will provide information about services and programs to empower individuals to adopt healthy behaviors, improve health status and manage chronic diseases better.

​The Heart Network

GetHealthyNoCo.org is a one-stop shop for those looking to enroll in local workshops and wellness programs to help them prevent or better manage diabetes, high blood pressure or other chronic diseases.
Get Healthy North Country is administered by the North Country Chronic Disease Prevention Coalition, a network of health care providers, public health agencies, and nonprofits working to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and other chronic diseases across northern New York. This region-wide system aims to ensure that there is enough lifesaving programs offered so that anyone interested-or referred- will be able to access them. Visit our website to learn more and enroll today.

Options Counseling

Options Counseling is an interactive, person-centered process whereby individuals are supported in making informed long-term support decisions based on their preferences, strengths, values, abilities, and resources. It includes exploring options, assisting with accessing supports/services, following-up with the individual, and may result in the development of an action plan.
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