Ombudsman Services

What is the Program/Service

Educating, empowering and advocating for long-tern care residents. The Ombudsman program is an effective advocate and resource for older adults and persons with disabilities, who live in nursing homes, assisted living and other licensed adult care homes. Ombudsmen help residents understand and exercise their rights to good care in as environment that promotes and protects their dignity and quality of life. 

The Ombudsman Program advocates for residents by investigating and resolving complaints made by or on behalf of residents; promoting the development of resident and family councils: and informing government agencies providers and the general public about issues and concerns impacting residents of long-term care facilities. 

We partner with the American Red Cross of Northeastern New York for Ombudsman services in Washington County. 

Conversations with the ombudsman are confidential and residents or other persons can register a complaint anonymously. Ombudsmen handle a wide variety of complaints involving quality of care, residents' rights, discharge, medications, lost or stolen items, dietary issues, and quality of life concerns, Ombudsmen can also provide information and consultation about how to choose a facility and how to pay for long-term care. 

Who is Eligible?

While the program serves all residents of licensed long-term care facilities regardless of age.

Is There a Cost?

Ombudsman services are provided free of charge.

How do I Get Help/Apply?

For Ombudsman questions or to reach an Ombudsman Coordinator to discuss your concern(s), please contact:

American Red Cross of Northeastern New York
33 Everett Road
Albany, New York 12205
phone: 518-694-5114
To report abuse, neglect or financial exploitation you may also contact the New York State Department of Health (DOH) Nursing Home Hotline at 1-888-201-4563 or the adult Home Hotline at 1-866-893-6772.