GOGO Grandparents

Washington County has partnered with GOGO Technologies DBA GOGO Grandparents to provide transportation to Washington County residence 60 and over.  Registration is required and must be completed before transportation can begin. Registration is through the Washington County OFA/ADRC. Transportation can be accessed during non-traditional hours and can be used for transportation to medical appointments (only if you are not eligible for Medical Transportation), grocery shopping, social events, pharmacy trips, bank trips, etc. You must be able to conduct your own business at destinations and be able to enter and exit the vehicle with minimal or no assistance. Older adults who are fearful of driving in winter or other poor weather conditions can also utilize the service during perceived or predicted bad weather. Priority will be given to dialysis patients. For further information or to get registered for this program contact our office at (518) 746-2420. 

L.E.A.P Transportation

Transportation services provided through our partnership with our local Community Action Agency, L.E.A.P, we offer transportation services to non-Medicaid individuals age 60 and older that do not have any other mode of transportation. Registration is required and must be completed before transportation begins. Transportation services are offered to Washington County residents age 60 and older to participate in programs, get to medical appointments, go grocery shopping, pharmacy needs, nutrition sites, and reach other vital destinations while remaining independent in their own homes. If you have a transportation need contact L.E.A.P directly at 518-746-2390.  

Interested in being a volunteer?

The L.E.A.P transportation program is looking for individuals who would like to volunteer their time in providing transportation services to others. For your public service, you are paid mileage. If you are interested in this public service, please contact L.E.A.P at 518-746-2390.

If You Have Medicaid

If you are a recipient of Medicaid services, you can access Medicaid medical transportation services. Click here for more information.

To order Medicaid transportation by telephone, providers/enrollees should use the following telephone number: 1-855-360-3544

Further Transportation Information

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Transportation Options