Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation benefits are administered through the Washington County Self Insurance Plan.  All employees of Washington County, participating Towns & Villages in Washington County, and volunteer members of Washington County’s volunteer fire and emergency services departments are covered through this plan.
Any injury, major or minor, should be reported immediately to the employee's supervisor and an Injury Report must be completed. Injury Reports should be forwarded to the Washington County Personnel Department as soon as possible. This may be faxed to (518)746-2169; emailed to [email protected] ; or mailed or delivered in person to Washington County Personnel Department, 383 Broadway Room A202, Fort Edward NY 12828.

Benefits may be available to an employee that has experienced an illness or injury while at work. The Washington County Self Insurance Plan is responsible for any medical treatment costs incurred by a covered injury. Employees should not pay any medical or hospital bills in connection with a work-related injury.

Injury Reports can be obtained in person or by mail. Please contact Washington County Personnel Department with any questions.