Agriculture As An Economic Driver

Agriculture is a leading industry in Washington County. Our productive and important soils, coupled with close proximity to major markets, has made Washington County a center for agricultural operations and their supporting industries.

Agriculture is a strong economic driver for the county and supports hundreds of local businesses ranging from farms to service providers and retail shops.

The local agriculture industry generates near $140 million in direct sales annually. Direct economic contribution from agricultural production is estimated at over $224 million annually. 

Dairy forms the backbone of Washington County's agricultural economy. Beef, other livestock, field crops, maple syrup, and apples are amongst the important commodities produced here in Washington County. Many of these commodities drive numerous ancillary business such as hard cider and cheese production. The Equine industry, with its established ties to nearby Saratoga, is growing.
Washington County's agriculture is also strongly connected to TOURISM. Agritourism is a growing sector in the County. Many area farms are open to the public. Tours such as Maple Weekend, Fiber Tour, Cheese Tour, as well as the Craft Beverage Trail entice thousands to the area each year. 

Farmers markets are found throughout the County, offering a plentiful supply of healthy local foods, Longstanding farm stands as well as more informal roadside stands dot the landscape enticing people with their colorful displays of produce, bedding plants and locally produced value-added products. Several CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs offer shares of locally grown, freshly delivered foods.
In Washington County agriculture is both business and pleasure!
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Agriculture is Everyone's Business

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Agriculture is Everyone's Business