PINS Program

About the Program
The Persons In Need of Supervision (PINS) Program provides an immediate response to families in crisis and attempts to identify and facilitate access to appropriate services. The program’s goal is to address the need for early, effective interventions to reduce out of home placements and Family Court involvement for troubled youth.

Case Process

Cases are reviewed biweekly by the Designated Assessment Services team and treatment plans are created. Cases are monitored by a PINS Adjustment Caseworker until closure. PINS Adjustment is an open-ended program with no pre-determined time limit. The case will remain open until the child and family service needs are met.

The PINS Adjustment process must attempt to improve the situation through direct intervention or referral for services, exhausting all resources before a PINS case is considered unsuccessful and closed and petitioned to Family Court.

Pre-Court Assessments
The Preventive Unit provides pre-court assessments on all juvenile delinquents in order to assist in making any appropriate referrals, as well as to assist the County Attorney in determining the necessary terms and conditions to be set forth by Family Court. A juvenile delinquent is an adolescent, under the age of 16, who has committed an act that would be considered a crime if he/she were over the age of 16.