Adult Protective Services

About the Program
The Adult Services Unit provides a variety of specialized services to adults ages 18 and older whose condition or circumstances make them vulnerable to abuse, neglect and exploitation by others.

Where there is a concern that a resident of Washington County may be in a situation where they are being abused, neglected, or exploited, the Adult Protective Unit will accept a referral where intervention is requested. Referrals must meet specific criteria set forth by the State of New York. Once a referral is accepted, an Adult Services Caseworker will complete an assessment.

Adults have the right to make their own decisions. They may choose to accept or refuse the services that are offered. Where the intervention is accepted, the Caseworker will work with the individual to create a plan.

Collaboration & Partnerships
Successful service delivery relies upon community resources and requires collaboration among a variety of providers to include:
  • Courts
  • Financial institutions
  • Health and mental health services
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal agencies
  • Programs for the aged
Information & Referrals
Additionally, Adult Services staff provide information and referral service to all Washington County residents, helping individuals find resources to meet their needs either within the Department of Social Services or elsewhere in the community.

For More Information
For information, referrals, or to report adult abuse, please call 518-746-2420.

Home & Community-Based Services

Washington County Aging and Disabilities Resource Center coordinates a full range of public and private home and community based services. A comprehensive needs assessment is completed for consumers referred or requesting assistance. This assessment is completed in the consumer’s home where the consumer is counseled on the options and opportunities available to them.

These options many include privately or publicly funded programs/services or a combination of both. They are Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Program, Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), Private Duty Nursing, and Caregiver Support Services. Assessment and on-going case management seek to link consumers with the least restrictive and most cost effective services to meet their identified needs. All of these programs are designed to provide a consumer with the services that they need while keeping them safe in their homes. It is the role of the Case Manager to provide the consumers with a comprehensive assessment to assist them in determining what program will best meet their needs.