Staff Members
The Department of Public Safety oversees the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) within Washington County, which is headed by the county EMS Coordinator, assisted by the Deputy Emergency Medical Services EMS Coordinator.

The current EMS Coordinator is Bruce Mason (AEMT) and the current Deputy EMS Coordinator is Paul Zinn (AEMT-CC).

The members of the Bureau of EMS are responsible for coordinating the training and mutual aid EMS operations within Washington County, and serving as a laisaion with the county’s Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board, the Emergency Medical Services and First Response agencies in the county, and the county’s Board of Supervisors.

The EMS Coordinator’s communicates any updates / changes / discussions pending in the regional emergency medical services oversight organizations and the New York State Department of Health with the local agencies and personnel, as well as represent the area at the oversight organizational meetings along with additional appointed representatives.