Planning Agency & GML 239 Referrals

Upcoming Planning Agency Meeting: October 31, 2023  9AM

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Washington County Planning Agency

Washington County Board of Supervisors' Resolution 98 of 2017 established the Washington County Planning Agency. The Planning Agency replaced the Washington County Planning Board which is responsible for the review of certain local planning and zoning actions pursuant to General Municipal Law Section §239-M. Resolution 28 of 2021 changed the Planning Agency members to exclude the County Administrator and include an At Large member. Senior Planner Allison Gaddy of the Lake Champlain Lake George Regional Planning Board was appointed the At Large member of the Washington County Planning Agency as per Resolution 28.  

With the establishment of the Washington County Planning Agency under Resolution 98, the Washington County Board of Supervisors did not authorize the Planning Agency review of subdivisions, GML§239-N.

Under GML §239-m-3(c) The county planning agency may enter into an agreement with the referring body or other duly authorized body of a city, town or village to provide that certain proposed actions as defined by General Municipal Law Section §239-M  are of local, rather than inter-community or county-wide concern, and are not subject to referral under this sectionThese 'exemptions' renew every 3 to 4 years. The renewal of the 2020 exemption agreements shall remain in effect until July 1, 2024 or until such time as it may be amended by one or both parties.

Planning Agency Meeting Referrals October 31, 2023

GML §239-m  Municipal Referrals 10/31/2023


APA Notices: 
September 26, 2023 Referrals
GML §239-m  Municipal Referrals Reviewed 9/26/2023

1. Town & Village of Greenwich Adoption of a Comprehensive Plan     GML-239 Referral            Draft Plan

2.  Village of Fort Edward - Roland - NYS Route 197 & Argyle St [Tax ID # 171.11-1-3.1]

3. Town of Salem - Happy Cow Cannabis, Inc - 460 & 462 Bogtown Rd. [Tax ID# 192.-1-11]
4. Village of Fort Edward - Muflahi - 128 Broadway [Tax ID# 171.6-1-36]

4. Village of Fort Edward - Muflahi - 128 Broadway [Tax ID# 171.6-1-36]
APA Notices: P2023-0129; P2023-0140; P2023-0116

Planning Agency Members
The Washington County Planning Agency members are: 

General Municipal Law Referrals GML §239
Section 239 of New York State General Municipal Law (GML) requires the referral of certain local planning actions to the County Planning Agency for the examination of possible inter-municipal impacts. In Washington County this referral process is managed by the Washington County Planning Agency.

GML 239 M

Planning & Zoning GML §239 Referrals
Click Here to download information regarding the GML §239 referral process.                If you have questions regarding the referral process please feel free to contact the Washington County Planning Department for clarification.    

Link to GML §239 Procedural Guidance
Link to GML §239 Forms & Guides
Link to Washington County Agenda and Minutes [scroll to Planning Agency]
Link to DOS LGt County Referral Training Presentation    Video 
If you have questions regarding the referral process please feel free to contact the Washington County Planning Office for clarification.