Washington County has a long a storied tradition of agriculture. Farming has shaped both the cultural and economic identity of Washington County. The Washington County Planning Department is committed to assisting the agricultural industry to continue to thrive.

Agriculture as an Economic Engine

Agriculture is a leading industry in Washington County. Our productive and important soils, coupled with close proximity to major markets, has made Washington County a center for agricultural operations and their supporting industries.

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Washington County's Agricultural & Farmland Projection Plan

Original Plan

The original plan was adopted in 1996 and was one of the first County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plans adopted in New York State. In 2015 the Washington County Board of Supervisors  recognized the need to update and expand the plan to reflect the changes that have occurred in the agricultural industry over the past 2 decades.

Updated 2017 Plan

In February of 2015, Washington County was awarded a grant through the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to undertake the process of updating the original Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan. The County adopted the final plan in 2017 and it is now available by clicking on the image below.      

Click the image below to open and download Washington County's 2017 Agriculture & Farmland Protection Plan 

Front Cover
  1. Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan Committee

    The Washington County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan was originally adopted in 1996 to identify strategies to promote agricultural viability and protect farmland. In February 2015, the county received a grant from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to update the plan to better serve the agricultural industry in Washington County. The county partnered with Agricultural Stewardship Association (ASA) to help implement the grant and formed a Steering Committee of farmers and ag-related businesses and organizations to provide input throughout the process. The 2017 Washington County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan has received praise as exceptional and been cited as a model plan regionally. Work continues on the plan through the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board; members are appointed by the County Board of Supervisors. 

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  2. Right To Farm (RTF) Laws

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  3. File An Agricultural Assessment

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