Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) is a program serving adults, age 18 or older who may be in need of protective services because: 

  • They have a physical or mental impairment
  • They can no longer protect themselves from neglect, abuse, or hazardous situations
  • They cannot provide for their most basic needs, for food, clothing, shelter, or medical care
  • They have no one willing or able to help in a responsible manner

APS can provide services to strengthen an adult's ability to live in the community for as long as possible. Referrals made to APS are kept confidential and cannot be released to the public. 

If you suspect that an individual, age 18 or older, meets the requirements above, you are encouraged to contact our Aging and Disability Resource Center and make a referral to our Adult Protective Services Unit (APS) at 1-800-848-3303. An APS worker will listen to your concerns and will walk you through the process.

Programs and Services Offered