Mission Statement
The mission of the Washington County Probation Department is to reduce crime by lowering recidivism among offenders on probation supervision.  Probation Officers must assess juveniles and adults for community based services and sanctions according to risk, need, amenability to, and availability of, services designed to require certain behavioral changes through the leverage granted to them by the Courts and state law.  The expertise of probation officers adds great value to the other important criminal justice functions: investigation, arrest, prosecution, and punishment.  The services delivered by probation are essential to community safety, strengthening and utilizing community corrections.  Probation Departments do outstanding community-based work in crime prevention, victim protection, and restitution, and in providing assistance to the Courts in determining appropriate dispositions and sanction.

  • Collect restitution, fees and mandatory surcharges as directed by the Courts
  • Conduct investigations for Family and Criminal Courts
  • Offer Intake and Adjustment services for Family Court
  • Supervise Adults and Juveniles according to their needs and risks
  • Monitor Ignition Interlock Devices as ordered under Leandra's law