Crime Victim Assistant Program

 ~Mission Statement~

To seek to ensure that all victims of crime -
  • Are provided with information and assistance with Office of Victim Services (OVS) compensation. 
  • Are supported through the criminal justice process. 
  • Have their voices heard
  • Understand their rights 
  • Obtain any additional/referral services needed
  • Are assisted in requesting restitution 

We are committed to serving all victims of crime with respect, fairness, and confidentiality. We will not discriminate against any victim.

As a victim of crime, you have a right to; 

  • To be treated with dignity and compassion
  •  To be informed concerning the criminal justice system
  •  To discuss your case with the prosecuting attorney
  •  To be free of threats and intimidation 
  •  To be involved in certain stages of the criminal justice process
  •  To receive restitution at the Judge’s discretion
  •  To make a written and/or verbal statement to the court
  •  To be informed and provided assistance with NYS Office of Victim Services applications 

Services provided, free of charge include: 

  • New York State Crime Victims Compensation Application Assistance- Any victim of a crime who has suffered injuries, economic losses, or damages can seek compensation from the NYS Office of Victim Services.
  • Case Status Information
  • Court Accompaniment
  • Explanation of the Court Process
  • Victim Impact Statement Assistance
  • Restitution Assistance 
  • Post Sentence Assistance 
  • Inmate Release Notification, additional information can also be found on Vine
  • Parole Information
  • Support and Crisis Referrals - These may include referral to counseling agencies, housing programs, legal aid, emergency food referrals, support groups for victims, and other community resources. 
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline: 800-342-3720
  • Domestic Violence Project: 518-793-9496
  • Survivor Support Services 1-866-307-4086
  • Wellspring 24-Hour Hotline: 518-584-8188
  • Warren Washington C.A.R.E Center: 518-792-2731
  • Washington County Mental Health: 518-792-7143