The Department of Public Safety has multiple different functions on separate levels. A brief overview of each of the functions of the Office is listed here on our main page, for additional information or more details, check the individual pages for each of our sections!

911 Communications Center

The largest operation is the 911 Communications Center. Currently the 911 Communications Center is staffed 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year. Currently the Center is overseen by the Director and Deputy Director of Communications, as well as 4 Supervising Communications Officers. The Center is staffed by 10 Full Time Communications Officers and 6 Per-Diem Communications Officers.

Emergency Management

The Department's Director and Deputy Director of Emergency Management is also responsible for Emergency Management and Planning for such situations from the County level down to the individual municipalities. The Administration assists County Administration as well as the leaders of the local Towns & Villages, Schools and Businesses, also including the assorted Public Safety agencies that have jurisdiction within Washington County. Countless hours are spent planning and organizing Emergency Management plans in the hopes they are never necessary.

Hazardous Materials

The Department of Public Safety also oversees the County's Hazardous Materials Team and responses.


The Department maintains and utilizes the NY-Alert Emergency Notification system to deploy alerts pertinent to residents, businesses, and visitors of/to Washington County. Please sign up to receive our free notifications .

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The above is just a quick overview of our department and some of the tasks we do. Please browse through our site and read more about us.

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