Children & Youth Services

Children & Youth Services

The Single Point of Access Committee for children and youth reviews referrals to the following programs for residents of Warren and Washington Counties:
  • Supportive Case Management
  • Intensive Case Management
  • Home and Community Based Services Waiver
  • Family-Based Treatment
  • Teaching Family Homes
  • Community Residences
  • Residential Treatment Facilities

Referral Qualifications

A child or youth qualifies for these services if he or she has been diagnosed with a
  • Serious emotional disturbance and is at risk of being hospitalized, re-hospitalized, or placed outside the home
  • Is having difficulty functioning in the home, school or community
  • Is involved in multiple systems


The Single Point of Access application for services, to be used for Intensive Case Management, Supportive Case Management, and Home and Community Based Services Waiver referrals, is available in PDF format (PDF).

Additional Documents Required

In order for the application to be considered complete, a signed release of information and psychosocial or psychiatric evaluation with D.S.M. IV diagnoses is also required.

Family-Based Treatment Referrals

Referral forms for Family-Based Treatment, Teaching Family Home, Community Residences and Residential Treatment Facilities may be obtained by contacting the Office of Community Services for Warren and Washington counties.