Health Reports

We are proud to present you with these reports of the 6-county Adirondack Region of Upstate New York - a comprehensive collection and analysis of data regarding health issues and needs in
  • Essex County
  • Fulton County
  • Hamilton County
  • Saratoga County
  • Warren County
  • Washington County
Study's Purpose
This study was conducted to identify health issues of primary concern and to provide critical information to those in a position to make an impact on the health of our region-governments, social service agencies, businesses, healthcare providers, and consumers-to name just a few.

The results enable us to more strategically establish priorities, develop interventions, and commit resources to improve the health of our communities and the region.

Health is-and must be-an issue of concern and action for all of us. We hope the information in this study will encourage collaboration involving all agencies, across county lines, between usual competitors, and among funders to address the complex health needs of our residents.
Adirondack Rural Health Network
The Adirondack Rural Health Network (ARHN) is a community partnership of public, private, and non-profit organizations in Upstate New York. The mission of the ARHN is to undertake community health activities that are best accomplished through collective efforts of member organizations focusing on health problems of greatest concern, addressing the health needs of under-served populations, and adding value to the regional health care system. Adirondack Rural Health Network creates a collaborative process for developing strategies and for implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the regional health care system.

The Adirondack Rural Health Network was established in 1992 through a grant award between the Upper Hudson Primary Care Consortium and the New York State Department of Health. Over the years, ARHN has achieved significant success as a catalyst for regional community health service development with special focus on primary care, behavioral health, oral health, and emergency medical / pre-hospital services. It links community health centers, hospitals, local public health units, community mental health programs, emergency medical services, and other health-related service agencies by providing the forum to address regional rural health care delivery problems.