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About the Office

The District Attorney’s Office is staffed by the District Attorney, a First Assistant District Attorney, and four Assistant District Attorneys. Additional staff includes two crime victim specialists, a senior investigator and four dedicated administrative staff members.
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Staff wearing purple showing our support for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

A Message to the Residents of Washington County
The Washington County District Attorney’s Office is pleased to provide the services of the Crime Victim Assistance Program. Through the generosity of the New York State Office of Victim Services and the Washington County Board of Supervisors this program has been reestablished in Washington County in 2014.

Our Crime Victim Specialists are ready and able to help victims throughout the criminal justice process. They can explain a victim’s rights, how the court system works and what to expect each step of the way. The Crime Victim Specialists strive to ensure that the needs of crime victims in Washington County are served by providing coordinated services that address the physical, emotional and financial needs of victims and their families.

Washington County is fortunate to have numerous support services and community agencies. I thank them for their important service and urge you to take advantage of their expertise.

Very truly yours,
J. Anthony Jordan
District Attorney