Code Enforcement

This department enforces the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codes and the Washington County Sanitary Code, Local Law No. 1 of 1988.

Code Enforcement Logo with flashlight, law enforcement badge and building

Department Responsibilities

  • Investigate reports regarding any issues of noncompliance with either the Uniform Codes or Sanitary Code and issue stop work orders and/or order to remedy violations.
  • Issue certificates of occupancy and/or certificates of compliance when compliance with the Uniform Codes and/or Sanitary Code has been fulfilled.
  • Perform fire prevention inspections of business and schools as required by the Uniform Codes.
  • Perform onsite inspections during various stages of construction.
  • Perform property maintenance inspections by request of homeowners and/or tenants.
  • Review plans and issue permits for all work that must conform to the Uniform Codes and the Washington County Sanitary Code.

Emergency Availability

Code Enforcement personnel are available 24 hours a day to report to the scene of an emergency involving structural damage to a building by fire, flood, etc., and for inspections of fuel burning heating appliances, chimneys and/or gas vents that are the primary and only source of heat that has experienced an uncontrolled fire and/or malfunction. If the heating device is not the only source of heat then inspection will be done during normal working hours of the next business day.