Money / Payment Services

Cash may now be deposited in the Lobby by using the Cobra Banker Cash Machine. You will need either the inmate’s facility ID number or the inmate’s full name and date of birth to deposit cash. You may also use either a credit or debit card to deposit money using this machine. You must have a valid driver’s license with an address that matches the billing address of the credit or debit card, or the machine will not accept the card.

Fees are charged by the company that provides the use of the machine.

Money Orders
Money orders are still accepted, but they must be mailed. No money orders will be accepted if brought to the lobby. There will be a 5 day waiting period on money orders to allow time for the funds to clear. Inmates will not have access to these funds until this 5 day waiting period has expired.

Inmate Tablet Account 

Friends and family can add money to an inmate's tablet account or fund their own account for messaging purposes by setting up an account on .


Commissary funding 

Access Corrections 


Under the Information Tab, You can search by inmate name

Acceptable forms of payment:
  • Cash – Needs to be the exact amount
  • Credit Card – in person and a fee will be charged
  • Online
Note: To post bail in person you will need a valid photo ID.
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