About the Board

Elected Supervisors

Washington County is a non-chartered county. This means the county follows all laws set down by the State of New York. Every 2 years, each town elects a town supervisor who serves as the chief elected official of the town.

In addition to the town duties, supervisors also represent their towns as 1 of the 17 representatives on the Washington County Board of Supervisors. Each town is assigned weighted voting power based on the population of their respective towns.

Board Powers & Organization

The Board of Supervisors has both legislative and executive powers. Each year, the board elects a Chairman and Vice-chairman. The Chairman is the chief elected official of the county. The Chairman appoints board members to serve on the standing committees. Department heads report to the appropriate committee for their department.

The Board of Supervisors is supported by the clerk of the board, who is responsible to the board for day to day administration, scheduling of meetings, recording of minutes and other activities that ensure the efficient management of board activities.

The Board of Supervisors determines the rules of its own Proceedings, including Procedures for member videoconferencing.  View the current Rules of the Board.

The board meets on the 3rd Friday of each month at 10 a.m.