Shield 624 Tribute

Bruce Hamilton
Sr. Investigator Bruce Hamilton (Shield 624)

Washington County Sheriff’s Office Senior Investigator Bruce H. Hamilton, 55, of Salem, passed away unexpectedly on Monday evening, June 2, 2014 at the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington, VT. Bruce was born in Cambridge, NY on March 22, 1959 the son of Bette Jennings Hamilton-Scanlon and the late Harold Hamilton. He graduated from Salem Washington Academy in 1977.

Senior Investigator Hamilton started his career with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office May 7th, 1987. He was promoted to Sergeant August 8th, 1995, Investigator September 8th, 1998 and Senior Investigator August 6th, 2013. During his career with the Sheriff’s Office Senior Investigator Hamilton served in many capacities to include Accident Reconstruction Supervisor, Juvenile Investigator, and DCJS and Homeland security liaison. Bruce was instrumental in the modernization of the department, and in the implementation of multiple law enforcement programs to enhance the services provided to the community.

Senior Investigator Hamilton was the lead investigator on multiple homicide and fatal motor vehicle investigations during his career. His diligence, attention to detail, and genuine dedication to the victims and their families resulted in the successful prosecution of offenders.

Bruce was an exceptionally dedicated officer, strong victim advocate, a mentor, and a friend to anyone in need.
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K-9 Brucha was named in honor of Sr. Investigator Hamilton who served with the Sheriff’s Office from 1987 until his untimely death on June 2, 2014. Deputy Travis Earl is K-9 Brucha's handler. 

The two work together, generally into the early morning hours. The name Brucha was chosen as a representation of Bruce's name. The name Brucha, represents decent people with a sense of justice, lovers of justice and honesty with a need to prove themselves and will do everything to succeed.

Fitting for what Bruce stood for in life and we certainly expect Brucha to live up to her name.


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Brucha with Bruce

Rest Easy 624 from Washington County Sheriff (NY) on Vimeo.