Pistol Permits

Pistol Permit amendments/ applications can be started online - See the instructions below:

 FAQ regarding NY State's Firearm Laws

Concealed Carry/Social Media Form

Amendment Instructions

Form to be completed for amendments

Please call our office 518.746.2475 Option #4 to set up an appointment for Fingerprinting or Duplicate Permits. Amendment instructions and forms can be found online and above our drop box in front of the building. Please print forms off and mail/or place in our drop box at the Law Enforcement Center, 399 Broadway, Fort Edward, NY 12828.

2022 Procedure for Applying

For new applicants, we now mail out the applications to you once we receive a payment of $60.00; which includes the $20.00 application fee & the $40.00 Online Safety Course/Zoom fee. 

Payment can be made online (instruction listed below), or if you mail us a money order. Once we receive payment, we will sign you up for the next pistol safety course. 

IMPORTANT – Please make sure you fill out all fields located at this link after paying for the application. You must provide valid email address which will be used to notify you of the upcoming monthly remote pistol safety course and send you the Zoom link.

Payment can be made online (instructions below), or if you mail a money order with your contact info. Once we receive payment, we will sign you up for the next pistol safety course.


We have also added a drop box at the entrance of the LEC so you can drop your paperwork for our Civil and Pistol Permit Divisions. 

Pay here for Pistol Permit Safety Class (Click Below)


Please Note: We now have information regarding the five year renewal that has been implemented by the New York State Police. The State Police advise that they will be sending out letters starting on January 3, 2017 regarding your renewal. Please make sure your address that is listed with our agency is correct.

The letters will be sent out in a staggered fashion so your neighbor or friend may get one today and yours could arrive some time later.  You will need to fill out the information online at https://firearms.troopers.ny.gov/pprecert/welcome.faces
or by printing out the form and mailing the form to the State Police.


The following forms are for reference only. Only forms provided by this office will be accepted.

Firearm Sale Affidavit (PDF) “For use by immediate family members only”

Resources for Gun Owners | Gun Safety 

NOTE: Only co-owning between spouses is allowed in Washington County

Procedure For Applying For a Pistol Permit (PDF)

Helpful Resources