Pistol Permits

Pistol Permit amendments/ applications can be started online - See the instructions below:

 FAQ regarding NY State's Firearm Laws

Concealed Carry/Social Media Form

Amendment Instructions / Changes to your permit

Form to be completed for amendments

Please call our office 518.746.2475 Option #4 to set up an appointment for Fingerprinting or Duplicate Permits. Amendment instructions and forms can be found online and above our drop box in front of the building. Please print forms off and mail/or place in our drop box at the Law Enforcement Center, 399 Broadway, Fort Edward, NY 12828.

Procedure for Applying 

For new applicants, we now mail out the applications to you once we receive a payment of $60.00; which includes the $20.00 application fee & the $40.00 Handgun Safety Course

Payment can be made online (instruction listed below), or if you mail us a money order. Once we receive payment, we will sign you up for the next pistol safety course. 

IMPORTANT – Please make sure you fill out all fields located at this link after paying for the application. You must provide a valid email address which will be used to send out a reminder of the upcoming class and confirmation of attendance.

Payment can be made online (instructions below), or if you mail a money order with your contact info. Once we receive payment, we will sign you up for the next pistol safety course.


We have also added a drop box at the entrance of the LEC so you can drop your paperwork for our Civil and Pistol Permit Divisions. 

**For A License to Carry Concealed for Existing Permit Holders

On July 1, 2022, New York State passed new gun legislation that among other things, revised the requirements for citizens who wish to obtain licenses to carry a firearm concealed. Under the new legislation, which took effect September 1, 2022, the Court is prohibited from issuing a license to carry a firearm concealed until an applicant/permit holder completes an *Enhanced 16 hour training with additional 2 hour in-person live firearms safety course, and provides the licensing authority a list of former and current social media accounts from the past three years. Thus, before the Court can issue a carry conceal license, the applicant/permit holder must meet all the requirements of the new law that took effect on September 1, 2022.

1. completes a live firearm safety course that meets the requirements of Penal Law Section 400.00(19); and 2) provides the licensing authority a list of former and current social media accounts from the past three years as required pursuant to Penal Law Section 400.00 (1)(c)(iv); and 3) meets with Judge in person.

Once the Enhanced Carry Training is completed, submit Certificate along with the “Concealed Carry Form/Social Media Form” to Pistol Permits by mail or drop box, and the Court will schedule the required interview for the issuance of the concealed carry permit.

*The enhanced 16 hour training with an additional 2 hour in-person live firearms safety course is not given through a specific county, it is an Instructor given course that you must contact to enroll in.

Pay here for Pistol Permit Safety Class (Click Below)



Questions regarding the NYS Pistol Permit Recertification Process can call 1-855-LAW-GUNS, as well as include the following links for recertifying online: Pistol Permit Recertification | Gun Safety (ny.gov) or FAQ’s  regarding Recertification with NYS https://troopers.ny.gov/pistolrevolver-permit-recertification-faqs-82022


 The following forms are for reference only. Only forms provided by this office will be accepted.

Firearm Sale Affidavit (PDF) “For use by immediate family members only”

Resources for Gun Owners | Gun Safety 

Only Co-Owning between spouse is allowed in Washington County, with amendments and a NYS Notarized Affidavit form.

Affidavit Form

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