Civil Division

The Civil Division is a state mandated service of the Sheriff’s Office. Its purpose and function is to serve and execute the various legal processes issued not only by and for the several non-criminal courts of the state and its subdivisions, but also for the legal community and the general public. Departmental and divisional policies and procedures are consistent with New York State and court case law. These policies are designed and developed to insure the accurate, expeditious, and judicious service and execution of all matters relating to civil process.
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Fees & Mileage
All fees and mileage are payable in advance. You must send the proper type and quantity of process indicated, with the correct fees and mileage, with a letter of instruction in order for the papers to be processed. Omissions errors, illegibility, untimeliness, etc., will prevent your papers from being docketed with our office.

Forms of Payment
Full and complete addresses including ZIP codes are required. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, attorney check or money order / cashiers check. Please note personal checks are not accepted for judgment payments. Checks should be made payable to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. For all mandates, e.g., executions, evictions, and court orders involving enforcement activity, at least 1 original with a handwritten ink signature must be delivered to us.

Pay Your Civil Fees Online

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Payment Methods


Documents with the court’s raised seal are acceptable. Generally, where copies are required, such as for income and property executions, photocopies are sufficient; the filing party must determine whether clerk or attorney certified copies are required in other cases. The Sheriff’s Office does not supply legal forms, nor can we complete them. Some courts may supply forms while some do not. There are several suppliers or publishers of legal forms or check the following website -

Note: We cannot serve a P.O. Box. All litigants should seek professional competent legal counsel at all times. The Sheriff can only advise and inform parties as to those procedures and rules related to the Sheriff’s duties.

NEW - We have also added a drop box at the entrance of the LEC so you can drop your paperwork for our Civil and Pistol Permit Divisions. 


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