The Washington County Correctional Facility, located at 399 Broadway, Fort Edward, NY was opened in 2003 to replace the old jail located in Salem, New York, which was built in the late 1800’s. The Corrections Division of the Sheriff’s Office employs 56 full time officer’s and approximately 20 part time officer’s. The correctional staff are sworn New York State Peace Officers and receive state mandated training and instruction in all phases of corrections.


The primary goal of the Washington County Correctional Facility is to provide a safe and secure environment that promotes positive inmate behavior, through fair, impartial, and humane treatment of all individuals incarcerated in the correctional facility, this goal will be realized.
Washington County Correctional Facility
Correctional Facility Food Services Division

New Generation / Direct Supervision Method

The correctional facility is designed to manage inmates using the “new generation / direct supervision” concept of the correctional facility management. Through these concepts the correctional facility will structure the environment to promote a positive behavior management system to meet inmate needs.

Property Drop Off

Items allowed for drop off for an inmate
  • Socks (White Only) - 3 Pair
  • T-Shirts (White Only) - 3
  • Underwear (White Only) - 3
  • Thermal Underpants (White Only) - 1
  • Thermal Undershirts (White Only) - 1
  • Sports Bras (White Only) - 3
Note: All items must be new and in the package they were purchased in.

Reading Materials

Books and Magazines can not be dropped off, they must be ordered and shipped directly to the Facility. (ex., Barnes and Noble) **HARDCOVER BOOKS ARE NOT ALLOWED