Narcotics Unit

The Narcotics Unit's mission is to identify, arrest, and eliminate drug organizations and individuals who control drug operations. The unit is also responsible for the timely investigation of citizen complaints regarding narcotics violations.

The focus of the unit is to concentrate on illegal drug users and sellers in Warren, Washington, and Saratoga Counties and and works closely with all agencies. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is also partnered with the DEA’s Capital District Drug Enforcement Task Force.

The Narcotics Unit has demonstrated by investigations and arrests, that illegal drugs are a main concern in our County and strive to decrease the amount of drug trafficking in the area. The Narcotics Unit also works closely with area district attorney’s offices in the prosecution of these cases.

Investigators assigned to the Narcotics Unit are responsible for both long and short term investigations into drug trafficking organizations. One of the major concerns of the Sheriff's Office has been the steady increase of drug related crimes. Currently, heroin and prescription drugs are a serious issue in our area.

Other responsibilities of the unit include:

Identifying and eradicating indoor and outdoor marijuana grows

Investigating and arresting drug dealers, buyers and users who engage in illegal drug transactions

Investigating and following up on heroin overdoses for our agency and assisting local agencies.

Networking drug information with Warren, Washington and Saratoga County agencies to streamline effectiveness and help the flow of inter-agency information.