The Washington County Sheriff’s Office deployed more patrols throughout Washington County trails in 2013. Deputies targeted snowmobilers riding illegally, without registrations, operating intoxicated or riding at excessive speeds. The main goal is safety and voluntary compliance with state and local laws. In 2012, an unseasonably warm winter resulted in very little snowmobiling.

The Sheriff’s Office has since expanded and improved on the snowmobile unit, which now consists of additionally trained members and new safety gear.

Washington County has over 300 miles of trails throughout the county with trails through farm lands, along the Champlain Canal, and other more dense terrain. There are 9 snowmobile clubs that support the trails within the county.

You can check current trail conditions and information at the Washington County Association of Snowmobile Clubs’ website.

When We Patrol
Continual review of weather and trail conditions along with tracking current snow pack will factor into the deployment of the units.