Accreditation Facts
The Washington County Sheriff’s Office received a certificate of accreditation from the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services in April 2007. The Accreditation Program is comprised of 130 standards and is divided into 3 categories.
  • Administrative section have provisions for such topics as agency organization, fiscal management, personnel practices, and records.
  • Training standards encompass basic and in-service instruction, as well as training for supervisors and specialized or technical assignments.
  • Operations standards deal with such critical and litigious topics as high-speed pursuits, roadblocks, patrol, and unusual occurrences.
Accredited Agency
Benefits Of Being Accredited
The New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program enables administrators to strengthen existing procedures while simultaneously creating a solid foundation for the agency’s future. The benefits of accreditation include:
  • Independent confirmation that policies comply with professional standards
  • Assurance of fair recruitment, selection, and promotion processes
  • Diminished vulnerability to civil law suits and costly settlements
  • Enhanced understanding by agency personnel of agency policies and procedures
  • Greater administrative and operational effectiveness
  • Greater public confidence in the agency
In the final analysis, the impact of the Accreditation Program stems from the profound commitment that New York law enforcement executives have made to professionalism and from their desire to provide the best possible services to the communities that they serve.

Of the 542 Police agencies in New York State, only 116 are accredited, (or 20%), and of those 116, 23 are Sheriff’s Offices.