Juvenile Community Restoration Program

Program Goals
  • To develop competency and accountability in juvenile delinquents, juvenile offenders and PINS youth
  • To provide graduated sanctioning options to DSS and/or probation for juvenile delinquents, juvenile offenders and Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) who have been identified as being moderate to high risk to re-offend and/or who are at high risk of placement
Referral Source
  • Washington County Department of Social Services
  • Washington County Probation Department
Target Population
  • Youth between the ages of 7-18 who have been determined to be a person in need of supervision
  • Youth who have committed a crime and who are at risk of being placed into detention or foster care
Program Components
  • Accountability
  • Curfew
  • Daily check-ins
  • Home monitoring
  • Sanctions for non-compliance (electronic monitoring, curfew reduction, additional community restoration, home restrictions, etc.)
  • School monitoring
Public Safety
  • Drug / alcohol referrals
  • Electronic monitoring referrals
  • Mediation referrals
  • Mental health referrals
Community Restoration
  • 25 hours of community service
  • Victim / offender mediation
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