Community Service


Since 1982 the Community Service Program has provided the justice system with an option for offenders to complete community service as an alternative to incarceration, offender accountability, and/or to justify a reduction in fines.  Every Community in Washington County has directly benefitted from this program as we have either completed projects utilizing our " work crew" that is supervised  by Alternative Sentencing Staff or by placement of individuals at not for profit organizations/governmental entities within your towns. We have found that community service is not only beneficial to our agency and worksites, but also to the participant.  It gives participants an opportunity to use their skills to make their own community a better place to live!


We receive community service referrals from the following agencies
  • County Court
  • Local Courts
  • Family Court
  • Felony Drug Court
  • Probation

Work Placement Sites

These are just a few work sites who benefit from community service placements 
  • Union Cemetery
  • Town/Village DPW's
  • Senior Centers
  • Fort Miller Cemetary
  • Slate Valley Museum
  • Cambridge Historical Society
  • Salem Food Pantry

Work Crew Projects

These are just a few of the many projects that we have completed over the past 20 years
  • Cambridge Historical Society (Painting exterior)
  • Slate Valley Museum (painting interior/exterior
  • Georgie Museum (Painting interior/exterior)
  • Flood Clean Up (Salem, Fort Anne, Whitehall)
  • Hampton DPW (exterior painting)
  • Easton Town Hall (interior painting)
  • Cambridge Youth Baseball/Softball  League (fence installation)
  • Poor House Cemetery Restoration
  • Property Clean up (Salem)
  • Tire Clean up (White Creek)
  • White Creek DPW (exterior painting)
  • White Creek Church and "old" fire house (exterior painting)
  • White Creek Cemetery (fence installation)
  • Kingsbury Town Hall (interior painting)
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