About Us

The Washington County Youth Bureau/Alternative Sentencing Agency is unique in that it is one County Agency with two different Roles.   In our Youth Bureau role we strive to ensure that youth in the County are represented and considered at every stage when developing a comprehensive County plan.   If you would like more information about our Youth Bureau.  In our Alternative Sentencing role we offer an array of Alternative to Incarceration (ATI) Programs that focus on:

Washington County Alternative Sentencing offers an array of Alternative to Incarceration (ATI) programs that focus on:
  • Reducing the costs associated with incarceration and/or placement in juvenile detention facilities
  • Holding offenders accountable
  • Restoring the community / victim back to a pre-crime state to the degree possible
  • Maintaining public safety by utilizing best practices to ensure positive outcomes
  • Reducing recidivism
  • Providing pre-trial / sentencing options to the courts


  • Community service
  • Alcohol / substance abuse services
  • Pre-trial services
  • Day reporting
  • Juvenile community restoration
  • Values improvement
  • Alive @ 25

New Programs

  • Transitional services
  • Opportunity project