Town / Village Recreation Programs

NYS Touchstones & the Role of Municipal Recreation
The New York State (NYS) Touchstones' vision is that all children, youth, and families will be healthy and have the knowledge, skills, and resources to succeed in a dynamic society.

The commissioners and directors of New York State's health, education and human services agencies recognized that to improve outcomes in each of the areas for which they had responsibility, it was necessary to shift to a new paradigm characterized by prevention, early intervention and family/youth involvement. Further, to increase the effectiveness of the various systems, the agencies embarked on an effort to develop a common set of measurable goals and objectives that lead to improved outcomes for children and families. From these actions, the Council on Children and Families and its 12 member agencies developed New York State Touchstones.

Touchstones is a tool to help guide state and local efforts. The common set of goals and objectives cuts across all service systems and allows individuals and organizations with diverse missions to come together to improve conditions for children and families.
Touchstones dictate that New York State communities will provide children, youth and their families with opportunities to help them meet their needs for physical, social, moral and emotional growth.
  • Communities will make available and accessible formal and informal services (e.g., child care, parent training, recreation, youth services, libraries, museums, parks).
  • Adults in the community will provide youth with good role models and opportunities for positive adult interactions.
  • Communities will provide opportunities for youth to make positive contributions to community life and to practice skilldevelopment.
Thus Municipal Recreation Programs play an invaluable role with the Touchstone Mission by increasing the likelihood that All children, youth and families in Washington County will be healthy and have the knowledge, skills, and resources to succeed in a dynamic society.