Alive @ 25

Washington County Youth Bureau is a National Safety Council recognized site that is authorized to  teach Alive @ 25.  Alive @ 25 is an interactive program that teaches young adults how to  make safe and legal driving decisions.  This program is designed for drivers under the age of 25 and focuses on cognitive, visual, manual and auditory distractions along with highlighting the potential consequences of driving while distracted.  

This program is a collaborative effort between our agency and the Washington County District Attorney's office to raise awareness and provide education in an effort to reduce the number of youth related driving infractions and deaths.  

Program Goal

To provide a young drivers education class for driving age youth up to the age of 25 that focuses on:
  • Cell Phone Use
  • Distractions
  • Driver Inexperience
  • Peer Pressure
  • Speeding
  • Texting

Program Components

  • Participants must pay a $75 registration fee
  • Participants must attend the 4 hour class

Referral Source

  • Courts
  • Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Parental
  • Schools
  • Self

Class Quotes

  • “This course was extremely informative. It was insightful to learn about all of the factors that can affect driving. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in defensive driving. You may know the basics, but after this class you’ll be an expert. Thank you!”
  • “It was interesting and definitely would help anyone willing to take the information in and learn from it. So yes I do recommend this course.”