Emergency Planning

Planning for Special Needs in an Emergency

Do you have a special need that would require you to need assistance in an emergency? Do you require special assistance with transportation, meal preparation, medications, oxygen or have any mobility issues? Do you have a service animal?

These special needs should be considered in advance when planning for an emergency. Don’t wait until an event occurs to find help.

Individuals residing in Washington County who feel as though they are in need of special assistance in the event of severe weather, prolonged power outage, flooding, or evacuation can be placed on a special needs registry. This Registry is maintained and accessed by the Office of Aging staff. Services are coordinated with Public Safety and other emergency services. 

 Special Needs Registry

Be Prepared in a Medical EmergencyNew File Of Life

Scanning Your Emergency Documents

Having your personal documents and contact information easily available can make your recovery quicker and less stressful after a disaster. Information that should be scanned include: household identification, financial and legal documentation, medical information, and household contacts. 

Washington County Office for Aging and Disabilities Resources is a designated site to have personal documents scanned and placed on a thumb drive that is given back to the individual. To make an appointment to have your documents scanned, free of charge, contact our office at (518)746-2420.

Scan Your Emergency Documents

Washington County utilizes the New York Alert system

Receiving emergency information is an important step to being prepared. With NY-Alert, you’ll have the information you need to keep you and your family safe at your fingertips. It only takes a few minutes and can make the difference in keeping you informed. 

If you’ve signed up with us before with our previous systems, you will have to sign up separately for NY-Alert, to ensure your information is up to date. So you are able to receive notifications to your most current devices and your current residence/listed locations.

To register with NY-Alert click on the link below.


Emergency Preparedness & Notification App

The Washington County Department of Public Safety released a new updated iPhone and Android mobile app to continue engaging our residents, visitors and communities to aid in public notifications and emergency preparedness!

The Washington County NY DPS mobile app is designed to keep Washington County citizens, businesses, and visitors prepared for and alerted to emergencies. This updated mobile app is available for download free of charge from the Apple and Google Play (Android) app stores.  Users can receive county emergency alerts(push notifications) in the notifications on their smartphone.  App users can also help friends, family, and neighbors in their preparedness efforts via the "Share our App"feature.

The app displays the local weather forecast, radar, and alerts.  The public can keep informed, via news on Facebook and Twitter; of  power outages, traffic, scanner features, and  emergency preparedness resources to include how to prepare for ten different kinds of emergencies.   “Where am I” is a personal locator, giving exact address/longitude/latitude, which the app user can share with others.  Setting up the “I’m OK” and other features under the Emergency Now tab allows the user to quickly communicate their status with family or friends, when in an emergency.  Our communities can also use the app to submit storm/damage reports to the Department of Public Safety!

DOWNLOAD OUR UPDATED APP: https://apps.myocv.com/share/a17912837

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