Get Set Up

In partnership with NYSOFA, the Association on Aging in NY purchased 50,000 licenses and with these licenses, older adults are offered the opportunity to access a variety of classes/courses for FREE on a virtual platform. 

GetSetUp is an online community of people who want to learn new skills, connect with others, and unlock new life experiences. Their safe, social, and interactive learning environment has been specifically designed for older adults. Classes are taught by older adults and kept small to ensure everyone can actively participate. The platform helps older adults stay mentally and physically fit, creates economic opportunities through jobs and reskilling, provides a community where people find meaning and purpose by helping each other and forming new connections.

GetSetUp classes are organized into four broad categories:

  • Digital Divide/Connectivity - (orientation to Zoom and how to use various devices)
  • Physical Health - (Tai Chi, Yoga, Healthy Cooking)
  • Mental Health - (Dementia, Coping with Stress, Mediation)
  • Social Health - (Book club, Gardening, Pets, Travel, Brain Games)

The benefits of GetSetUp are:

  • Reduced social isolation through education
  • Expanded connection with friends, family, and the community
  • Increased knowledge to improve mental and physical wellness
  • Improved older adults' ability to live independently 

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