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Health Monitoring Devices

Washington County Office for Aging and Disabilities Resource Center (OFA/ADRC) received funding from New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA) that targeted the COVID–19 pandemic. These funds allowed use to purchase a supply of thermometers, oximeters, and blood pressure monitors. 

These items were determined by Public Health to be useful devices for people to monitor their health – either before experiencing COVID-19 as a preventive measure, after being exposed to COVID-19, or while they are experiencing COVID-19.    

Therefore, we can provide these items, at no charge, to qualifying residents of Washington County. Contact ADRC at (518) 746-2420 to get further information. 

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New York State Office for the Aging announces launch of a new online tool to help older New Yorkers and other high-risk individuals protect themselves from COVID 19.

New York State COVID 19 Screening

COVID 19 Checkup Tool

NYS In-Home Vaccination Points of Contact for COVID -19

Vaccinating all New Yorkers is a top priority for returning to some semblance of normalcy.  Not everyone is able to travel to one of the many sites that are offering COVID-19 vaccines. New York State, in partnership with counties, established local points of contact to expand access to vaccines through an in-home vaccination program for those who are home bound due to physical limitations, cognitive impairment, other chronic conditions, a lack of transportation, and/or visual impairments, and who do not have access to supports that may help them physically go to an existing vaccination provider. Click on the Document Link below for more information.

NYS In-Home Vaccination Points of Contact

Coronavirus flyer

COVID 19 Scams

Scams related to the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, are rapidly increasing as the public health emergency develops. Scammers are targeting older adults and those with serious long-term health conditions who appear to have a higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19.