Youth Advisory Board

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Board is advise and assist in the Youth Bureau's efforts to enrich and further soundly develop the lives of children and youth, to sponsor programs designed to promote the comprehensive well being of the youth and families throughout Washington County.  The statutory authority of the Washington County Youth Advisory Board rests in: Chapter 636 of the Laws of 1956 entitled "Youth Commission Law" which is now Article 19-A, Sections 410 and 426 of the Executive Law; Chapter 556 of the laws of 1945 and Article 13, Sections 240 to 246 of the General Municipal law.  The board consists of between 13-16 members and the Bi-laws recognize the importance of youth involvement thus at least two of the board members must be under the age of 21.   

2022 Youth Advisory Board Members

  • Lauren Archambeault, youth
  • Drew Carson, youth
  • Brandon Chenier
  • Tristann Crandall
  • Grace McFarren, youth
  • kaylee Osterhaudt, youth
  • Emily Powers, youth
  • James Bennefield, Public Official
  • Tammy Delorme, Public Official
  • Anthony Jordan, Public Official
  • Polly Monahan, Public Official
  • Kathy Jo Mcintyre, Public Official
  • Chrys Nestle, citizen