County-wide Shared Services Initiative (CWSSI)

The New York State 2017-18 budget contained a provision establishing the County-wide Shared Services Initiative. This initiative calls for the creation of a Shared Services Panel chaired by the County's Chief Executive and including all Town Supervisors and Village Mayors within Washington County. The initiative also provides for the voluntary participation of representatives from the governing body of each school district, board of cooperative educational services (BOCES)  and/or special improvement districts located within the County. Plans that can generate shared services proposals that demonstrate recurring savings to taxpayers will be eligible for one-time funding from the State equal to the amount of savings documented.

More information is available on the New York Department of State website

Shared services panel meetings are held at the Washington County Municipal Center.  Scheduled meeting dates will be posted here when scheduled.

Click here to view minutes of past meetings.

Public Hearings & Panel Meetings

Public Hearings and Panel Meetings will be posted here when scheduled.  Public Hearings are a forum for public comment on the Shared Service Plan.

  • The County-wide Shared Service Panel met on December 29, 2020, and voted to approve the 2020 plan.  The Plan has been submitted to the New York State Division of Budget.  This meeting was noticed & open to the public and can be seen on Washington County’s You Tube Channel
  • Link to Washington County You Tube Channel