Washington County Board of Supervisors' Resolution 98 of 2017 established the Washington County Planning Agency.  The Planning Agency takes the place of the previous Washington County Planning Board.  

Planning Agency Members

The Washington County Planning Agency is made up of the Superintendent of Public Works, the County Administrator, and the Chairperson of the Agriculture, Planning, Tourism and Community Development Committee.

Planning and Zoning Referrals

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Meeting Notices & Minutes
Invitation to Participate in Transportation Survey 

Do you travel in and around the Warren, Washington, and northern Saratoga county region?
If so, the Adirondack/Glens Falls Transportation Council wants to hear from you!

A/GFTC is an association of governments, public agencies, and transportation providers that is responsible for transportation planning in the region. The survey is in support of A/GFTC's Long Range Plan update, 2040 Ahead.   
To Access the Survey Click on the 2040 Ahead Sign Below.

Thanks for your participation!